Iran Again

Iran has fired another test-missile. While the UN deadline for this terrorist nation to abandon all nuclear activities is only days away, Iran continues to display a "we don't give a crap" attitude.

In their latest "military maneuvers" Iran launched a long-range, radar-evading, sea-to-air missile from a submarine in the Gulf. The Sagheb missile was fired to demonstrate the Islamic Republic's ability to "respond to any threat." Anyone with an IQ over 15 knows that the only "threat" to Iran is Israel.

Once the end of August rolls around, how do you think the UN will respond to Iran, and their blatant refusal to cease all nuclear enrichment activities? My guess is that they will issue vanilla statements and baseless threats.

Look for Iran to strike Israel in the next 12 months with some sort of nuclear device.

This is not going to be pretty.


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