Nothing to Lose

So, if the Arab states (read: all of the Middle East and any Muslim) hate Israel, and if Israel will be criticized however they handle ANY situation, then why should it worry about PR? This shaky cease-fire (read: lull in fighting that gives Hezbollah time to rearm and find more civilian homes to fire missiles from) will certainly end soon enough. That's no big secret. And, Iran and Syria continue to be long-term threats as they stockpile and produce weapons.

If Israel wants to be proactive in preventing more civilian losses, and is truly committed to suppressing radical Islam, then here are the steps they need to take:
  1. Kidnap any Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc. leader they can get their hands on and place those abductees in various places around Israel. You need to get the leaders because, while they implore the rank-and-file radicals to sacrifice their lives for Islam, the leaders, as we have seen time and again, are more likely to go into hiding than to risk death. Placing them in custody in small groups around Israel puts the terror groups in a quandary, since they would not know if retaliatory bombing would kill their leaders.
  2. Take over all Islamic organizations, businesses, mosques, etc. in Israel. Relocate all Islamic people from Israel to Gaza, where they can be closely monitored. Freeze all Islamic assets in Israel.
  3. Bomb all major airports (any that can accommodate a military transport plane) in Lebanon and Syria. Concentrate bombing to eliminate military planes and put large holes in runways, rendering them useless.
  4. Pull all Israeli troops 2 miles back from border with Lebanon.
  5. Start air strikes at the Litany River and work south, forcing Hezbollah to flee towards the Blue Line.
  6. When Hezbollah is forced to cross the Blue Line, and are out in the open, start shooting. First using shoulder-launched missiles and mortars, then a huge airstrike.

1,2,&3 should happen simultaneously, and should not take more than 10 days.

4 should happen halfway through Phase 1.

5 should commence at the end of Phase 1.

6 relies on implementation and timeliness of 5.

The entire process should take no longer than 30 days.

Why not? What does Israel have to lose? Arab PR? Who cares? UN disapproval? That doesn't seem to concern other countries (see: Iran, Bosnia, Iraq, Sudan, etc.).

It's time to fish or cut bait, Israel. Stop complaining about the threat and eliminate it, or at least reduce it by showing some tenacity and strategy. Waiting around to respond defensively to the radicals is no way to win a war.


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