Lucas With the Lid Off

I searched forever for this video, and here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dahONyptuo0

It was 1994, and I remember that this video was pretty great. In my searching online I was reminded that this was all done in one take. Amazing!

Too bad Lucas bombed out as a one-hit-wonder.

Here are all of the sets/scenes that video director Michel Gondry used:

1,8 : the stairwell, with piano
2 : "reggae man," drunk at table, with projected band playing behind him
3,11,24 : Lucas's studio, with projection of the woman, computer screen of "reggae man"
4 : under table of drunk "reggae man", projected bottom half of band behind him
5 : below 4's floorboards, a shot of Lucas on his bed in his hotel room
6 : a ceiling shot of 57 : physical model of Hotel, tiny projections of Lucas and band inside windows
9 : facing three people inside the car; with projection
10,23 : back of woman's head, inside car; with projection
12 : film of Lucas heading to train station
13 : Lucas inside station, moving train lights projected onto set
14 : film of moving train
15 : Lucas in train with couple, mirrored, projection of outdoors behind them
16 : outside cab of train, looking at couple; projection reflected on glass
17 : Lucas at restaurant, outside projected onto window
18 : cinema model, with projection of Lucas walking into cinema
19, 21 : in theater, people watching With the Lid Off on screen
20 : camera turns around, Lucas and players in theater seats
22 : outside, with piano; projection on piano face

I will be back soon with more news from the Middle East, but I thought you would enjoy this.


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