Pasta for Palestine

The Italians are the latest to sound off about Lebanon, promising to rebuild what US "aggression" has torn down. The Italian Foreign Minister says it is time for the EU to take control and restore peace to the region, even promising to do the same for Gaza.

Yes, Italy makes great bikes and olive oil. Yes, it is a beautiful country. But no, it does not have the strength or resolve to work with BOTH sides of the Lebanon/Israel conflict to bring any kind of peace.

On the heels of this, France has all of a sudden decided to send 2,000 troops to Lebanon. Remember that during the France-US Cease Fire Proposal that the Frenchies promised to lead the UN peacekeeping team in Lebanon, should the cease fire be accepted. Then, a day after the cease fire took affect, they backed down and promised only 200 troops. Why the change?

Well, one can assume that this was done to make the US look bad and not supported.

Here's my take: let's get out of the way and let Europe try and restore peace to the Middle East. If they don't like our aggressiveness, then let's see them do it better with their style. Can you imagine? Hezbollah and Hamas would eat them alive. Can you say "retreat"?

So, a radical Muslim group has kidnapped two FOX News reporters and wants to exchange them for ALL of the Muslims imprisoned in the US.

Does anyone smell something unusual here? Yes, Gaza is a breeding ground for Islamic terrorist groups, but the Holy Jihad Brigades is a group that has never been identified before now. Sniff again. Do you smell that? Yes, you're right. It smells like Iran.

Anyway, they want this done within 72 hours, and we all know the US doesn't negotiate with terrorists. So, look for some beheadings this weekend. Remember the beheadings (by knife) in Iraq last year? Ugly. Still want to say Islam is a religion of love? Can you imagine a group of Christians chopping off the head of a Muslim? Need I say more?


Speaking of Islamic love, I watched a program the other night on the history of the Qur'an. Thinking it would be an actual history of the Qur'an, I tuned in, only to turn it off 30 minutes later disgusted, as it was not a history but a defense of Islam.

What really got my blood flowing was the story of the Crusaders taking over Jerusalem from the Muslims. According to their account, the Crusaders were so bloodthirsty during the taking of Jerusalem that the Muslims have never forgotten it. Nice.

Of course, the program glossed over the passages in the Qur'an that call for elimination of all non-Muslims, saying that those passages are misunderstood, and that passages of love far outnumber the "violent" passages.

All of that was not enough to make me turn off the TV until they went into the explanation of Jihad as an "inner struggle" for individual peace. Yeah, right. Click...

As I said last week, Egypt is a tough country to pin down as far as loyalty, and they have just pissed off Syria with their latest statements accusing Syria of everything from massacres in Lebanon (Syria controlled Lebanon for 19 years) and Syria (true), to the Syrian president (an opthomologist by trade) to having no legitimacy. Other comments include taunting the Syrian President's name (which is translated "lion") to reminding Syria that Egypt has bailed it out on numerous occasions.

This attack is in response to Egypt criticizing Hezbollah.

Go Egypt.


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