Lost in Translation

For years radical Muslims have been guilty of two media identities. One is the statements they release in English, which the liberal US press eats up, painting a picture of Islam as a tortured entity, fighting for what is rightfully theirs, and representing a religion of love. The other identity is more telling, and can be seen in what appears in Arabic in Middle Eastern media sources. This is the real Islam, who has one sole purpose, which is to eliminate the "infidels", which means kill all non-Muslims.

If you live in the US and do not speak Arabic, then you are shielded from the truth. However, there is an organization dedicated to exposing the deceit and offering in several different languages the translations to statements made in Arabic by Islamic readers, as well as numerous videos you won't see on CNN. The Palestinian Media Watch website is fascinating, and I suggest if you would like to be more informed to check it out: http://www.pmw.org.il/

Israel has threatened to stop by force any imported arms into Lebanon bound for Hezbollah. They are forced to this position by the lack of a mechanism in place by either Lebanon or the woefully inadequate UNIFIL to stop these shipments.

Israel is also predicting the fighting will start again in "weeks or months" if they do not see strong action to disarm Hezbollah.

10 days away from the UN deadline to halt its nuclear program, Iran gave the finger once again to the world today, test-firing 10 surface-to-surface missiles in the dessert, about 150 miles southeast of Tehran. The Saegheh missiles have a range up to 150 miles, although I don't believe they can carry nuclear warheads, as the Shahab-3 missiles can. While the Saegheh would not be able to reach Israel, it would be perfect for bombing US troops in Iraq, or, in the hands of Hezbollah in South Lebanon, would give those terrorists a formidable weapon to use against Israel, compared to the inaccurate Katyusha missiles they currently utilize.

Egypt is an interesting player in the Middle East game. A week ago the police in Cairo clashed with pro-Hezbollah groups as they attempted to march in favor of the terror group. Egypt also backed away from requests by Syria and Jordan to intervene in Lebanon to help defend against Israel, and instead engaged in talks with Israel to send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

On the other hand, the main enforcer of Islamic law in Egypt strongly backs Hezbollah, and other groups in Egypt have warned the Middle East of Israel using chemical warfare, especially in Gaza.

Closing funny note: Lebanon's defense minister, today said that he was sure that Hezbollah would not break the cease-fire.


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