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With the wimpy Europeans backing down on sending troops to Lebanon as part of the new UNIFIL, it is becoming apparent that Israel and the US are alone in fighting the global threat of radical Islam.

So why is that? One would assume the French, given the recent Muslim uprisings in Paris, would want to do what they could to weaken Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. Actually, why isn't all of Europe banding together as an alliance against terror? The Middle East is much closer in proximity to them than the US, and, despite our weak borders with Canada and Mexico, it is easier to move about the EU than cross the border into the US in Texas, for example.

So maybe that is one answer. Keeping the neighbors happy so they won't lob missiles at them. This, of course, is short-sighted, as no one is innocent to radical Islamics. They will continue to use the non-commital attitude of the EU for their benefit. This is one of the reasons why terror cells are great in number in those countries.

We can see more of the answer to this question in the UK, where Tony Blair is constantly bombarded for leaning hard in the direction of the US regarding the terror battle. There, the population is wary of the US to begin with (see: Revolutionary War) and has never wanted to be seen as an ally. Of course, the US has bent over backwards to involve itself in European matters of security, as in WW1 & 2. Adolph Hitler was a ruthless demon dictator, and, one could argue, without the intervention of US troops, Europe could be German-controlled today. Remember, Hitler, like the current Muslim leadership, wanted to see the entire world ruled over by Germany (or "Germania" as he was going to rename his new kingdom).

And, of course, none of the first-world nations, except the US, have ever truly backed the Jews, and we see that today with Israel. There is little trust of the Jewish population, and, again, we see that documented as early as the Old Testament.

So, the US and Israel fight this battle alone, with Israel on the very front lines. Without the support of the EU, they will continue to fail, and the terrorist groups will continue to strengthen.

There are not many more safe places in the world today.


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