Iran as Peacemaker?

In an attempt to reconcile with the UN, Iran has offered to support the cease-fire between Lebanon and Israel. This comes in the wake of the deadline two days ago for Iran to halt all uranium enrichment.

Of course, as noted in my earlier posts, this deadline by the UN means absolutely nothing, and the EU and the UN have already offered to continue diplomacy with Iran on this matter. And, as expected, the EU wants to give no timeline for the talks with Iran to produce results.

To add to the insanity, Iran has asked the UN to adopt "new approaches towards Iran's nuclear case."

I find this maddening. This is deja vu, as the UN prattled on for years with Iraq as it continually defied UN deadlines and did not allow UN inspectors into their country.

The UN is already backing down from their original threat to impose sanctions against Iran. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, noting that diplomacy was the only way to negotiate with Iraq, said he hoped sanctions could be avoided so as to keep from adding to tensions in "a region already subjected to a great stress."

Why the US continues to be a part of an organization with absolutely no credibility or power is a mystery.


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