The Devil in The Details

Both sides are claiming victory in the Middle East cease-fire. However, from the looks of it, Israel has not gained anything and actually lost ground, while Hezbollah can claim victory for forcing Israel out, which is what they wanted all along (thanks UN).

Not only have the kidnapped Israeli soldiers not been returned, as required by the accord, but the long-standing issue of Shebba Farms remains unresolved. This region is a virtual no-man's land as both Lebanon and Israel claim the rights to occupy, but the area is actually owned by Syria, who wants no part of it. Why is this important? Well, Shebba Farms is one of the reasons why Hezbollah has been lobbing bombs at Israel for the past year.

To top it all off, Israel is saying now that it may negotiate for the return of the 2 captured Israeli soldiers by releasing 13 Hezbollah prisoners. I'm no negotiation expert, but who do you think is getting the better end of this deal? Hmmmm.......

Two reporters, one an American, were kidnapped yesterday by Palestinian operatives in Gaza. Dude, what is it going to take to get really tough with the Palestinians?

Iran is mouthing off again. Yesterday a top Iranian cleric warned Israel that Iran would bomb Tel Aviv if Israel attacked them. And, Iran has the capabilities, since it has a long-range ground-to-ground missile (Shahab-3) that has a 1,250 mile range, and, as an added bonus, can carry nuclear warheads. Can you say mushroom cloud?

Iran hates Israel. Their dictator-fanatic-lunatic President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel. He obviously will not be getting any Bar Mitzvah invitations any time soon.

The French will be leading the UN peacekeeping force, along several other countries, to try and keep peace in Southern Lebanon. Try not to laugh too loud.

The US was opposed to France leading this force at first, but my guess is that the White House, remembering France's opposition to the US in Iraq, sees a great opportunity to "educate" the French on just how much fun trying to keep peace in a Muslim state can be.

Let's see how the Frenchies react when the first French soldier is killed.

France, meet Hezbollah. Hope you enjoy your stay!


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