Lebanon Has an Army? Really??

There's been a lot of talk about the 15,000 army troops that the Lebanese government is promising to send to South Lebanon to help suppress Hezbollah. Here are my top five reasons why this will never work:

5. Lebanese Army underequipped and not modernized. Example: still uses tanks from 1940's. Helicopters inadequate (single engine).

4. Lebanese army weak overall. Syrian forces were in Lebanon until last year (after controlling Lebanon for 19 years). Syria backs Hezbollah and wants it to be as strong as possible. In order to do this, Syria had to be sure Lebanese army was ill-equipped and ill-prepared. They were successful.

3. Hezbollah is too modernized, especially compared to the antiquated Lebanese army, to be defeated. Thank you to Syria and Iran.

2. The Lebanese army's membership is divided by party (and religious) lines. A house divided upon itself will never stand.

1. If the army fails, the police force must take up the flag. Unfortunately, of 20,000 in the police force, only about half even have weapons.

Game over.

This cease-fire is just putting off the next conflict.


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