The Meltdown

As predicted in my post yesterday, the France/US sponsored peace proposal to the UN is falling apart. The divide centers around Israel pulling out of Southern Lebanon should a cease-fire happen. France wants them to, the US doesn't. And they shouldn't. Southern Lebanon is filled with Hezbollah, and without troops dedicated to keep Hezbollah down, the situation will just get worse.

Other language is also in question, and French President, Jacques Chirac, said today that the French may just draft their own proposal for the UN, without the US.

Tell me this--how can a peace proposal be taken seriously if the countries writing it can't even work together.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez is threatening to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel. Let's hope that this Castro "mini-me" can see the big picture here. Clearly, the only reason it even makes the headlines is because Chavez is anti-US and pro-communism and his country sits on a lot of oil. His power and influence are mainly contained within his very poor country. Let's face it, without oil, his announcement would be received about the same as "Greenland Severs Diplomatic Ties With Israel." I mean, who cares?

However, if I were Chavez, I would speak softly and carry a lot of oil. He doesn't want to rile anyone up, especially the US, who could take over Venezuela in about the time it takes to run your SUV through a car wash.

Oh, and he also compared Israel with Hitler. Nice. Chavez is a winner.

I really could have my own blog on this man, but we're here to talk about the Middle East. Sorry.


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