Anything can and will happen, and, while it is not completely a surprise, it is unusual to have France and the U.S. partnering to end violence in Lebanon. But, don't be fooled by all of the smiley happy faces. While they are working together, each nation is world's apart on how to bring peace to the region. France wants to end the fighting immediately, and the U.S., like Israel, is smart enough to see that Hezbollah needs to be further crippled before anyone lays down arms.

The tensions between France and the U.S. run deep regarding Israel v. Lebanon (or, more accurately, Hezbollah). The U.S. has always maintained support for Israel, but Lebanon used to be controlled by the French, which adds tension.

But, seemingly, France is just as concerned about disarming Hezbollah as the U.S. is, so that can be seen as positive.

NOTE: the U.S. Congressional Cafeteria just last week started serving French Fries and French Toast again, after those items were renamed following the division of France and the U.S. over the Iraqi War.

Things are definitely heating up. Israel is trying to cut off supplies to Hezbollah by bombing roads and bridges to Syria. Unfortunately, one of the areas they bombed is of mostly Christian population.

Hezbollah was able to penetrate 50 miles into Israel with a missile, which is a new record for them.

I know all of the tricky circumstances, but doesn't it seem like Israel with it's tanks and jets and troops could, and should, just up the ante and bear down very hard on Hezbollah and actually prevail? Why do I feel like Israel is holding back, while Hezbollah seems unfazed by the half-hearted Israeli effort? I mean, Hezbollah doesn't even have any planes, much less troop carriers and tanks and navigational equipment. Pretty much all they have is missiles.

So, my plan, if I was the Israeli P.M., would be to announce to the government of Lebanon that it had 12 hours to stop Hezbollah. If they can't, then a massive bombing attack will start and not end until every known Hezbollah site or arms storage facility is leveled. Put the pressure on Lebanon. They are the ones allowing Hezbollah to fight and even exist.


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