Chaos, Weeping, Frustration, Civil War

And I'm not even talking about the Middle East. We are fighting the dust/clutter/odor battle as we enter our second week of remodeling. Hopefully we can have a peace treaty with it all by next week when the painters come. My contractor described the painter's crew this way: "The owner's name is Jose and two of the guys that work for him have green cards. The other guys? Well, let's just say I don't ask."

Great. So I guess this means I can never run for any public office should anyone ever dig up the fact that I had some illegals painting my living room. Bummer.

Honestly I only glanced at the headlines today. I see that finally a Hezbollah bombing is a headline. The violence in Iraq continues to escalate, but we seem to have forgotten all of that. Which, of course, is part of the overall terrorist plan. We Americans seem to live up to our reputation for 20 minute attention spans.

The Flight 93 movie seems to have been the groundbreaker for what will probably be a host of 9/11-themed flicks. I fully expect to also see some sort of network mini-series as well with 9/11 as the main theme.

Anyway, I believe the movie is called the Twin Towers. I could be wrong about the title, but I do know that Nicholas Cage stars. Let's just hope Hollywood sticks to the story and doesn't run down any conspiracy rabbit trails.

I'm going to close today with some lyrics. The group Live is one of my all-time favorites, and the lead singer, Ed Kowalski, has been on a real spiritual journey for the past 15 years. Hinduism, TM, Christianity...he's covered all of the bases. I still think he is mixing a Christianity/Eastern Religion cocktail, but I was pretty impressed with some of the spiritual maturity in their last two CDs (Songs From Black Mountain and Birds of Pray). Anyway, here's a taste from a Black Mountain song called "Where Do We Go From Here," which reminds me very much of my relationship with the Lord.

I wanted a mountain,
You gave me a sea.
I wanted a hurricane,
You gave me a breeze.
I wanted to run,
You made me stand there and breathe.

I wanted to dream,
You made me sleep.
I wanted to touch the bottom,
It was too deep.
I wanted a revolution,
You said I was already free.


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