No Soup For You!!

Both Lebanon and Hezbollah have rejected the France/American proposal for a cease-fire. Lebanon is willing to see it rewritten with their "demands" included (at this point we don't know what those demands are, but one would assume it would be that Israel pull completely out of Lebanon). Hezbollah is not willing to stop fighting unless Israel leaves Lebanon.

Now, this presents a bit of a sticky situation. First of all, Israel, unless they are out of their minds, should not pull out of Lebanon because, if they do, they will be sitting ducks.

Secondly, even if Israel does pull out, the entire Blue Line, or border between Israel and Lebanon, is not intact. Meaning, there are still portions of the Line that are disputed. So, this gives Lebanon and Hezbollah a loophole in which to argue Israel is still on Lebanese soil.

The whole proposal is vague and ridiculous, and looks straight out of a UN training manual. Calling for a "respect" from both countries of the Blue Line, it also states that Lebanon not participate or allow any importation of arms from a foreign country. No mention of Hezbollah, but the last point of the proposal does say that Lebanon should eliminate "foreign forces in Lebanon without the consent of its government."

HELLO!? Did anyone notice that Hezbollah controls, by elected seats, 30% of the Lebanese government, and that roughly 90% of the Muslim population in Lebanon support Hezbollah? Has anyone noticed that when Israel pushes troops into Lebanon it is BOTH Hezbollah and the Lebanese army shooting at them? Does it sound to you like Hezbollah falls under the category of a force within Lebanon borders that does not have the consent of the government??

Wow, good thing France got involved here. What would we do without them? (please read dripping sarcasm) And what is Bush thinking?? Has he suddenly gotten the UN Flu?

If I was Israel, I would just level the place. Make Lebanon a parking lot. I read an article somewhere that called Hezbollah the "cockroach of the Middle East." Meaning, if you leave those suckers alone they're not going to stop, but keeping multiplying and scurrying around.

It's time to exterminate.


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