Oh, THAT Hezbollah

It seems that the Lebanese government is ready to take strong actions against Hezbollah. Some say it may be too late. And it may.

Weird how it took this long for them to realize that Israel is kicking their butts and destroying their already shaky economy. They are essentially being used by Hezbollah as a launching pad for missiles. Don't think for a minute that Hezbollah values the Lebanese people. Everyone and everything is fair game for destruction in the name of Allah and the destruction of Israel.

Can you say tunnel-vision?

Lebanon's puppet Premier Fouad Siniora broke down and cried during a gathering of Arab foreign ministers, mourning mounting losses in his country. How did the crowd react? It was very telling that most of them looked down at the ground embarrassed. Why? Because by crying, Siniora was insinuating that the lives of people and his country were as important as wiping all Jews off the face of the planet. How dare he!

I can't count how many times I have heard that Islam is a religion of love. Love for who, or what? Love of killing, war, terror, fear, hate, deceit, bloodshed?

Siniora also promised to send 15,000 troops to south Lebanon in an attempt to control Hezbollah. Don't fall for this, though. Not only would this action infuriate other Arab countries, it would not placate Israel since there is a huge lack of trust of the Lebanese. And, why now? Lebanon has 70,000 troops. You'd think if they had wanted to they would disperse them all over Lebanon to put down Hezbollah.

Remember too that Lebanese troops have joined up with Hezbollah on numerous occasions during the past two weeks to fire on the Israelis. What does that tell you?

Oh, and the most important thing: Lebanon will only send the troops if Israel withdraws from the area.

The witty Israeli Prime Minister called the proposal "interesting" and that he would "consider" it. He actually said this with a straight face, too.

Israel has promised to shoot at anyone driving in Southern Lebanon. They also imposed a 10pm curfew and warned that anyone seen "moving around outside" would be "at risk."

Look for the peace talks to crumble later this week. No one can agree on what it should say, and a contingent from the UN, led by Germany, traveled to the region today to try and reach an agreement on the wording.

Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's send Germany to negotiate with a Jewish state. Lots of love there. Warm and fuzzy.

Lebanon is facing reality and wants to talk turkey (not Turkey), but Hezbollah, who Lebanon cannot control, promised to keep fighting until Israeli forces are removed from Lebanon. Israel is not going to retreat now.

Meanwhile, in case a cease-fire agreement is signed, Israel is taking the opportunity to pummel Lebanon. Last night more than 80 air strikes were reported. Hezbollah responded with more than 140 Katyusha strikes.

You have to wonder how many missiles Hezbollah has left? I'm talking just Katyushas here, not ground-to-air or anti-tank rockets. The hits just keep on coming with no let-up. By my very rough tally, they have fired more than 1700 Katyushas since the fighting began.

And that's another reason not to trust anything Lebanon says. You don't get thousands of missiles into a country without the government knowing about it.

If this continues, Lebanon is going to pay the price for turning a blind eye to terrorism. Israel is going to bomb them back into the 18th century.


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