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As things heat up in the Middle East I have been talking about it with people I know. For the most part it seems folks are relying on what is coming out on CNN or Fox about the conflict, who's to blame, etc. And, as that coverage leans strickingly(and sickingly) towards supporting Hezbollah (yes, even Fox sometimes) I am getting an uneasy feeling in my gut. Sure, civilians being killed makes a great human interest story, and is a lot less complicated to explain than the conflict between Arabs (read: Muslims) and Jews that dates back thousand of years and is, in my mind, unresolvable.

But, there is news out there that is providing consise and accurate accounts about Iraq, Iran, and the conflict in Lebanon. Unfortunately, it is hard to find. While not an expert by any means on the Middle East (although I did take a very interesting Middle East politics class in college taught by an ex-PLO member), I see the need for someone to shine a light on this whole thing.

So, if you're interested, tune in every day as I will be posting stories and explanations that are readable and understandable. And short. Realizing you don't have a lot of time.

Today we start with the latest statement released by Ayman al-Zawahri, the #2 al-Qaida man. While reading this, remember that these are the same folks who brought us 9/11. Be afraid. I also dare you to find any news coverage that accurately portrays the tone of this statement. I have added a view of my comments to "clarify" his comments.

The serious events in Gaza and Lebanon prove to every sane person that the Zionist-Crusader war does not care about us and is without conscience. (Kind of the same lack of conscience one finds from a group that kills thousands of innocent people in one day as al-Qaida did on 9/11)

There are 10,000 hostages in Israeli prisons, but for three Israeli soldiers, the world was turned upside down.
(This is an interesting statement as Israel not only gave up occupation of the Gaza Strip recently but has since put up with numerous kidnappings, bombs, and assorted violence against them as their "thank you" gifts from Hezbollah for giving them back the land they asked for. Israel pretty much was growing weary of seeing its people die)

War with Israel is not subject to a treaty, a cease-fire, the Sykes-Picot Treaty agreements, patriotism or disputed borders, but it is jihad for the cause of God until the entire religion is for him only. (Put this sentence in the back of your mind and remind yourself of it as you see news coverage of Muslims calling for cease-fire. The only reason they want a cease-fire is to be able to regroup for a new attack) Jihad seeks the liberation of Palestine, the entire country of Palestine, and to liberate every land that used to be a territory of Islam, from Spain to Iraq. The entire world is an open field for us, so just like they attack us everywhere, we will attack them everywhere, and just like they united to fight us, our Muslim nation, we will unite to fight them.

The missiles and rockets that tear the Muslim bodies in Gaza and Lebanon are not completely from Israel but come from and are financed from all countries of the Crusaders’ league; therefore, whoever has participated in this crime must pay the price.

We cannot remain silent and cringe while watching these missiles pouring fire on our brothers in Gaza and Lebanon. ...(Just a reminder that Hezbollah stores their missles in people's homes in exchange for Hezbollah paying their rent. They also go into Christian neighborhoods in Lebanon and shoot missles at Israel from between the houses, knowing that Israel loses either way--if they don't retaliate their people die, and if they do retaliate, innocent people in Lebanon will likely die)

Dear Muslim brothers everywhere, today we must target the Jewish and the American interests everywhere. Not only that but we must target the interests of all the countries who participated in the assault against the Muslims in Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. All of these governments and their people are fighting Muslims according to the Islamic Shariah. ...

I ask you with the obligation of jihad that is imposed on every Muslim to rise wishing for martyrdom to exasperate the Crusaders and the Zionists. (I think we all know that jihad means "holy war" although radical Muslins will tell you that it actually means "peaceful holy war"--see 1994 comments from Yasser Arafat, not known for his "peaceful" ways)

The events which are occurring shows the seriousness of the two jihadi fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, so Muslims must support jihad until the American forces leave there totally paralyzed, dragging themselves back to their country, and pay the price for attacking Muslims and for supporting Israel.

By Iraq being near Palestine it is an advantage; therefore the Muslims should support its mujahedeen
(the word "mujahedeen" refers to those Muslims engaged in a jihad) until an Islamic Emirate of jihad is established there. Subsequently, it would transfer the jihad to the borders of Palestine with the aid of God, then the mujahedeen in and out of Palestine would unite and the greatest conquest would be accomplished.

The martyr imam, as we consider him, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has said, “In Iraq we are very close to Al Aksa Mosque of the Messenger of God, so we fight in Iraq and our eyes are on Jerusalem, which can only be restored by the guiding Koran and sword of victory.”
Perhaps the events of the Zionist-Crusaders’ attack on the Muslims may push the traitors in Iraq to swallow their shame and their disloyalty, and stop justifying and supporting the American Crusaders’ presence in Iraq.
(Since the radical Muslims pushed Israel to finally retalitate, this one sentence gives us a good insight into their strategy of shoring up support of Iraqi Muslims who may be on the fence about supporting a democratic Iraq)

My Muslim nation, without a doubt it is clear to you now that the governments of the Arabic and Islamic countries are inefficient and conniving, the organizations are paralyzed and defeated, and you are all alone in the field. So proceed with the help of God and depend only on him.


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ooh, class is in session. GOOD. i need you to filter it down to bite-size nuggets, thanks - you are always good at this for me. (read: 1996 election coverage)

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