Say What??

Here's a frightening bit of info: in Iraq, terrorists kidnap between 30-40 people a day. They then demand ransoms, which, one would guess, goes to buy weapons, etc. for the insurgent groups.

Am I the only one wondering why I have never seen this in a news story until today? I mean, we're talking mostly civilians here. Can you imagine if Israel or the U.S. were kidnapping 30-40 people a day??? Instead of having a "dead soldier" count, CNN would have an "Israeli-kidnapped" count. "Today, 33 more civilians were kidnapped today by the Israeli military, bringing the total this year to 957." Can you imagine the backlash??

Why do the insurgents in Iraq and the radical Muslim terrorist groups get a free pass? What about the Taliban, still alive and well in Afghanistan? They are killing innocent people every day. Where is the "media accountability" there?

While I titled my first Middle East-themed blog "The Truth is Out There", which was taken from the old X-Files TV series, I will close today's blog with another famous quote from the same place.

Trust no one.


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