Turn That Frown Upside Down

Wow, has Al-Qaida been chatty lately. New comments today target Bush. No "converted" Americans appeared on this video, though. Although, there was a small, stylish lamp and a pretty neat model cannon in the background sitting on a table. Kudos to the prop folks.


The Islamic fundamentalist's favorite news source, Aljazeera, has an article in their on-line edition entitled "10 Questions To The Zionists."
Supposedly written by a Jewish Rabbi, it is worth a read if you want to see what kind of attack the Jews are under from Muslims. Especially the part about the Jewish people accepting the gas chambers instead of relinquishing rights to Palestine. All untrue, but if you read this in the New York Times, and you knew very little about the history, it would sound almost believable.

Thus, this is why so many uniformed and introspective Americans buy into the far left (and far right for that matter) deceit and misuse of information and historical evidence to perpetuate agendas and political motives. Sad.

And it's only getting worse.


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